Last week, I drove about 2,000 miles for a four-night, 5 day-vacation with my family. Our first destination was Niagara Falls, and we went through the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. On the road coming back home we visited two locations, Ann Arbor and Mt. Clements in Michigan, to meet our Hope Korean Church family and our First Presbyterian Church family. As time goes, relationships with people in the past become more and more precious and the desire to go back and visit them where they are gets stronger.

The good thing is that Miah and I could share with our friends that we were doing well and that our church musical ministries had been strong and fruitful for the last six years since we left Michigan. Good friends are for sharing concerns and problems with a sincere heart, but sharing good news and happiness with them is even better for sure.

Now, I thank God for our safe return to Iowa after enjoying all those times with our old friends and for the experiences in witnessing the magnificent nature God created around us. Going out to see different lifestyles and great nature is a good opportunity for us to broaden our horizons and see the world in new aspects, but coming back to remind us the importance of your home is priceless. Now let me start living my own life here with my current church family and friends in this place again.