A couple of weeks ago, I started driving lessons with Solomon. It reminded me of the early years of my driving. I remember that small differences between each car seemed huge, such as size of the cars and the sensitivity of brake and engine. After some years of driving, I recognized that those differences do not affect my driving that much.

During the American Guild of Organists convention in Indianapolis I attended with Miah in July, I enjoyed many concerts performed by excellent organists with magnificent organs in beautiful sanctuaries and concert halls. The first event we attended was “Opening Convocation” in St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

There were choir seats capable of seating about 200 singers for the combined choirs of St. Luke’s Methodist and Second Presbyterian Church. I felt some mysterious emotion I hadn’t experienced before when Miah and I sat and looked around the inside of this big sanctuary. I just couldn’t help but praise God for not only making this kind of big event possible through many talented and devoted musicians and worship leaders, but also having churches of every size in every corner of the world at the same time. I missed our church sanctuary and faces of our church members right as I was about to experience a very different kind of worship.

God’s limitless power and love are not only with the magnificent Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, but with the corner of our small garden with sunshine and rainfalls. That’s why we can give our thanks and praise to God every time and everywhere we go. When we see God’s image and find His love and care for us in everything God created, we may get closer to the stage where we can understand and give our appreciations to Him.