One Saturday morning,  I finished my practice at church.  When I got out of church and made sure the side door was locked, there was a man getting out of his car in the church parking lot.  He was not familiar to me,  so I paid attention to him and what he would do around the church.  I noticed that he had some containers and disappeared soon. 

When I was about to get into my car, he showed up again and approached me this time!  Before I could say something like "May I help you?", he said "I know you.  You are the music director at this church, right?"  And he went on, "I am Kari's brother.  She is one of your choir members."  In the end, it turned out he was asked to water the flowers around the church sign board and in front of the side door entrance while she was gone.

While driving back home, I felt so happy.  The first reason was because my suspicious feelings for a stranger turned out to become pleasure of meeting a good man that was a brother of one of my choir members.  The second reason was because our church was well taken care of by our reliable and sincere church members and even their families. 

God is still working through His people even during the summer,  when many of us enjoy vacation and outside activities.  Maybe we feel a little slow in our church programs and see less people during service in summer, but our church is still doing its job and preparing for coming busy church seasons. 

So, when we need to relax and recharge our batteries, let's do it without hesitation.  But, don't stop praying for and anticipating our exciting new church year coming soon in a few weeks.  Happy summer to you all!