In the middle of summer, I had a good chance to refresh my body and spirit by attending a conference for church musicians at St. Olaf College. It was a heart-touching moment to see Dr. John Ferguson playing the organ during the worship service for the last time in his tenure at the college. Everyone gave him respect by clapping for a long time. He was a well-known organist, composer and music educator. Dr. Anton Armstrong, choral director at St. Olaf College, also gave us many things to think about and, perhaps the best part was meeting excellent fellow church musicians.

During the conference, I met many talented and dedicated church musicians and learned and experienced a lot with them. Through worship, classes and performances at the conference, I was thinking about what made differences between young and veteran musicians. For the physical and technical aspects of musical performance, young musicians may be able to show even better results than older musicians often. But, mature virtuoso performers, after years of experience, show us the art of silence between phrases, motives, notes and even silence before and after the music starts and finishes. Real conversations and philosophical expressions toward audiences will not be achieved without these moments. Music really is made by sound and SILENCE.

Our life also needs this maturity to handle our long journey. God gives us the concept of "Sabbath" for our healthy lives and wants us to follow his direction. Our successful lives must consist of hard labor and healthy REST.

Hope all First Presbyterian Church families have had a restful and enjoyable summer. I feel refreshed after this trip and look forward to the moment of starting another church choir year soon with all of you.