With the continuing development of computer technology, the ways people communicate have changed. It seems the days of face-to-face contact, handwritten letters, and phone calls are all but gone. Instead of meeting in person, people talk to each through e-mail, texting, or chatting online. Social networks like "myspace”, “facebook” and “twitter” have become popular places to connect with friends. Even though these new ways of communication are fun and convenient, we still feel thirsty for more and lonely no matter how much information and dialogue are exchanged. Do you feel satisfied with these tools for maintaining your relationships?


“Seeing is believing,” is a popular saying. But Jesus said, “…blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29). At times, we might question our relationship with God because we don't have visual or physical evidence right now.  But our belief in God and Jesus Christ, who is our Savior and the Son of God, is not based on our experiences in seeing or hearing in most cases. The communication between God and His people is possible through reading the Bible, praying, and sharing beliefs with others. By praising God with music, we can also learn the teachings of the Bible, pray, and share our beliefs while enjoying the pleasure of music and fellowship. What more can we ask for?


Even during the summer, people who want to praise God through music have been meeting in our church. One example is the Summer Choir. We thank God for decent numbers in the choir on Sunday mornings, with some new faces from our congregation and other neighborhood churches.


In the coming choir year, our church will be a host for two important events. One is our Fine Arts Public Concert for the community in November, 2009, and the other is Epiphany Ecumenical Service in January, 2010. The Summer Choir is a good opportunity for us to let more people know the pleasure of getting together to praise God with music. Physical gatherings with fellow Christians allow us to enjoy our relationships and communicate with each other better than any new technology ever could!