It was a cold and snowy day when I was alone playing the piano in our sanctuary, working on J.C. Bach’s piano quartet in G major, one of the pieces for our 2018 Spring Concert. Johann Christian Bach is one of Johann Sebastian’s sons. I was so happy when I found this piece while preparing this year’s Spring Concert. This piece is like an amazing combination of his father’s Baroque style and the style of the next generation, the Classical period.

I recognized, in the middle of playing that piece, that our sanctuary side door towards the office was opening and a postman in his thick mail carrier’s coat was standing around there. For a short moment, I tried to find out what had brought him here. Was he bringing me a package that needed my signature? Did he get lost looking for our office? I noticed shortly that it couldn’t be either reason because Jackie, who was in the office, takes care of any packages delivered, even those needing signatures. And the post officer getting lost in our church building? Not possible! So what then? The postman smiled and waved, saying, “The sound of your piano playing sounds really beautiful to me! I just wanted to say it to you…” I was like, “Oh! Is that it? Thanks a lot! Have a good day!”

That short moment of conversation made my day and kept making me smile. Most musicians started their training from an early age and keep their efforts in practicing up to the last moment of their lives. I believe that the people who love music and give their nice words of encouragement really keep our musicians going happily. It is one of the things that makes their lives so satisfactory and worthwhile.

Our annual Spring Concert will be held on Sunday, April 22, at 3:00 p.m. Again, this program will be a nice combination of choral and instrumental music featuring our bell and vocal choirs with guest singers and instrumental players. Please invite your families, friends, and neighbors. Let’s make this public concert in our church building successful again where we can glorify our God and enjoy music, a gift from God, with all the people!