The day I am writing this article is the first official day of spring on the calendar.  During the last Spring Concert in May, I proudly announced that we were going to have a new elevator to welcome more people to this church.  Now we have it and our musical groups with some guest musicians are preparing our 6th Annual Spring Concert on Sunday, April 30 at 3 p.m.

The concert will be performed by both Celebration Ringers and Sanctuary Choir with some guest vocalists with brass, percussion, double bass players, and Miah Han for piano and organ.  The program will be music from early Baroque (late Renaissance) to contemporary Jazz music, so we can show wide varieties as we have always pursued.

As church musicians, we should do our best to praise God with our best effort for every service and event at our church.  Our public concerts in the final moment of each church choir year, however, have been the stage where we display our musical achievement and set our goals to attain for the next few years.  Also, it has been one of our opportunities to reach out to the community.

We have some pieces to invite more guest singers to sing together and offer special rehearsals on Thursday evenings on April 20 and 27, and a Saturday morning rehearsal on April 29 for them. If you know someone who might be interested in joining us, let them contact me at tamin@1stpresby. org or call the church office at 319-233-6145 for more information. 

I hope we all have prayerful Lent, cheerful Palm Sunday, glorious Easter Sunday, and another exciting and successful Spring Concert this year!  I would like to extend my gratitude in advance to all the people who will sing and play at the concert with us, people who will help with the reception, ushering, and greeting people at the concert, and all people who will support us by coming and enjoying the concert!