At this moment, as I write this article, I am preparing two musical events: "Jerusalem Journey - drama and music" on Palm Sunday,  and our annual "Spring Concert" on May 3.  At the same time, I need to work on our Palm Sunday service, morning services in Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter services.  

If I didn't have to write this article, I might not have had the chance to stop and think about the meaning of this period of time and reflect on God's plan to save us by the sacrifice of His only son, Jesus Christ.  Because of that, I appreciate this laboring time of writing. 

In many aspects of observing the days of Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and following time of celebration of Jesus' resurrection and our saved lives, I happened to notice that people repeatedly got together and then easily scattered moment by moment.  When people gathered and shouted to welcome Jesus, who rode on the back of a donkey entering Jerusalem, who would expect that Jesus would have been turned into Pilate's court and crucified on the cross soon after.  Who could imagine that Peter, who declared to be the last protector of Jesus during the last supper, would deny Jesus three times and run away the next day.  Who could know that those scared disciples, after witnessing Jesus' death on Golgotha, later stood up for the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the price of their lives.

We can change this dramatically when we accept Jesus' invitation to trust Him and allow ourselves to be touched by the holy spirit to carry the mission God wants us to fulfill.  Sometimes we might need to be alone, like when Jesus stayed away from people.  But when the time comes, we need to gather our spirits together towards God and listen to Him to remember the way we need to walk together. 

At this moment I am alone writing in my room, but I look forward to the moment, seeing all my fellow believers in service, concerts, and to go out to reach all of the people to share the good news Jesus wants us to spread throughout our lives.