In Korea, there are two big holidays when families get together to celebrate:  the beginning of Fall (super moon day)and lunar new year.  As an immigrant family from Korea, my family and I happen to enjoy these holidays along with Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  It depends on how  Miah and I take these holidays.  It can be double the excitement or double the loneliness for us because we don't have our parents and siblings here in the USA. 

This evening Miah talked with her parents over the phone, and my mother- in- law asked her how we all are doing.  As usual, she wrapped up their conversation by asking about me and the church I served, and promised to keep praying for all of us.  The power of praying for each other will not be disturbed by the distance from each other. 

Even though we live here separated from our family and many friends, we have our church family and new friends here in the USA.  As a result, we have double the blessings from God.  Miah, Grace and I speak at least two languages, and we understand two cultures pretty well.  Things really depend on how we take them, so they can be a blessing or a curse.

I started making potato salads that required boiled eggs a couple of months ago .  How to peel boiled eggs without making too much of a mess is always a question, and there are many ideas for that.  I learned, however, that the fresher the eggs are, the harder the work of peeling will be because when eggs are older, there will be more gaps between the shell and the inside of the egg.  The reason for this is that eggs are living cells, and they consume themselves inside the shell during maturation. The process makes more and more gaps under the shells.   After learning this fact, I now say when I get a difficult egg, "You must be a fresh one. I am glad!",  instead of complaining.    

Our attitude about trials and disappointing events can be different with how much we trust God.  If we have confidence and trust in God's love for us and His righteousness, we can keep praising God and move on in any circumstances.  Now it's time for the harvest, and we should be thankful for all the blessings God has given us through this year and for more to come.