It seems like the changing of the seasons always comes to us suddenly before we can accept them. From last week in the middle of October, continuously rainy days started and the temperature suddenly dropped. Now I am worried about the baby grass that started growing after a week or so after I put seeds on the damaged spots on the side of my yard. When I look around, many houses were in the process of remodeling or maintaining. People are also cleaning up their garages and gardening equipment. Our church also has been busy in maintaining, including the new parking lot and exit driveway.

For our music ministry, our organ has also been upgraded. Since the organ was built in 1924, it has been the core of our worship and musical activities. Now, our 94-year –old organ got another treatment for some strength and the possibility to stay with us for many more years. The most helpful improvement after the recent work is the new electric Swell and Choir motors that control the expression. Also, the crescendo shoe works like new. The sad thing is that they got rid of 3 stops in the choir division and put them in storage. In his report, Bob Brock explained, “A wind chest that was installed in 1982 with three ranks of pipes had to be removed and will be put into storage since servicing was impossible and tuning other ranks of pipes in the Choir division was nearly impossible. These ranks possibly could be used in the future for a total restoration project of the organ.”

I feel so thankful for all the work our church members provide and how they take care of our church building and instruments. It shows that we care about our ministries and vision as God wants us to do. The bright future is for people who prepare and work hard, and our church is going towards that future. I pray God may continue to guide us and give us wisdom and strength.