It’s only natural for us to look back and evaluate what has happened in the past year when we approach the end of it. This year of 2017 seems to me to have been one of the most meaningful, comfortable, and exciting years.

First of all, this year will be remembered as a historical year, when all my family here became US citizens. The Han family has been pursuing and celebrating our citizenships throughout the whole year. Solomon was born here in the USA, but I hope he has had a chance to feel honored to be a US citizen while witnessing all the procedures Grace, Miah, and I have taken.

Other great memories from this year include our staff retreat, which was my first time spending more than a day, two days and one night to be exact, with our church staff outside of our church. It was such a fun, relaxing, and reflective time. So many wonderful memories have filled this year as well.

I tried to think of the main reason that made it possible for me to have this great year, and I found that the answer is my family and our church families at First Congregational and First Presbyterian Churches. We have performed great concerts, worshipped God, enjoyed fellowship together through parties, picnics, events, and life itself basically.

I think this was possible because we became family as the children of God. Once you have become family, there are no more boundaries because of our different lifestyles, races, or even different views on political issues! Becoming family means we know and understand each other, and are ready to accept each other for anything and everything.

For the coming new year of 2018, I hope to enjoy the days and months to come with our church family even more deeply, and to try to reach out to more people from outside and invite them to join us to become new family members with us. Happy New Year to you all!