For Christmas Music Sunday in 2011, our Sanctuary Choir sang two choir pieces written by D. Buxtehude and J.S. Bach. These great composers are important musicians to me for two reasons. J.S. Bach is the greatest composer in western music history, as many people may agree, and Buxtehude may be the most important one Bach learned a lot from. He once traveled 300 miles to listen to Buxtehude’s music on a couple of weeks of vacation and stayed there for some months instead! This was very unusual for him because he was very dedicated to his work at church and had never left this post for long periods of time. I wanted to give my respect to these two musicians, and it’s the reason I wanted to perform their two pieces, “The Infant Jesus” and “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, again this year for Christmas Music Sunday Service on December 9. Our Celebration Ringers will also play for the prelude and introit during the service.

Waiting for some good news and a new beginning is painful and nervous, but it also can be a time of hope and positive expectation when we have our trust in someone we rely on. That’s what the time of Advent and the end of each year means for us. Our church and I will enjoy this wonderful season of the year and will keep walking our journey in different directions. We will be in the same God’s hand to do our ministries by His guidance though. Let us praise our God and celebrate our Lord Jesus’ birth with one voice and mind. Thanks be to God!