Concluding some event or time always gives us a chance to look back and re-evaluate what we have done and what we have experienced. Based on that, we will also be able to plan for the next step. This year, 2017, has been a special and meaningful year for me and my family. It’s our 20th anniversary living in the USA and it’s also the year when all our family members have become US citizens.

For this reason, Miah and I have had many opportunities to celebrate this year with our fellow church families at First Presbyterian Church and First Congregational Church. How can my family adequately express the meaning of these relationships to us?

Our life can be measured by many factors such as career accomplishments or the amount of money in savings accounts. The relationships with our family members, friends, co-workers, and all others around, however, cannot be ignored when we evaluate our lives occasionally.

Now, we have one month left in this year. Advent and Christmas will be observed in December. I think this is the month we really need to think deeply about the relationship between our Lord, Jesus Christ, and us. Why should we wait for Him to come to our lives and what should we try to do on our part to make this relationship work for us and all other people around us? Let us celebrate Jesus’ birth and think about the meaning of His birth for us and for God who sent Jesus to us as well.